The Challenge/Objective

This past year, it was the task for Mindset to create a modern and emotional brand for the Palm Springs Desert Resort Communities CVA and its nine cities to own and reflect the modern traveler’s mindset. Through research conducted in several key feeder markets with Y Partnership, it was discovered that there was a large gap between the current visitor and the non-visitor as to what the destination represents and offers in terms of known experiences and activities. Also, many viewed the entire destination in a singular form (Palm Springs), not knowing that there are nine individual cities that comprise the entire destination.

It was the Greater Palm Springs’ opportunity and the goal of Mindset to create a re-freshed brand identity, which can overcome stereotyped desert perceptions and provide greater awareness of the tailored experiences travelers can find across all nine cities. From the research and Mindset’s One-to-One Stakeholder Brand Audit Process in which 56 Stakeholders from a wide spectrum of industries, including hospitality, business and nine independent City Councils and Mayors, the task became their reward:

  • Creation of a modern and emotional brand that originates from geography, history, factually and emotionally.
  • Creation of a brand experience that reflects the modern traveler’s mindset.
  • Creation of a destination brand the entire nine communities can adopt, embrace, market, unite and rise as one.
  • Creation of a brand niche that allows visitors to tailor the relevance of their personal experiences.
  • Creation of a brand identity that transcends any one geography and one city.
  • Creation of Nine Distinct Brand Pillars which will guide the entire marketing communications framework.
  • To own and market a “destination distinction.”

The Insight

Defining the destination… oasis.

The Greater Palm Springs destination is defined by its oasis. Its oasis defines the destination. An oasis defined… is personal

The experience for each is shaped in the mind, stored in the heart and carried through the spirit. And the Greater Palm Springs definition of Oasis is unique — to Greater Palm Springs and to each visitor, new or familiar.

The Results

The logo symbolizes not only the nine cities but also the nine Brand Pillars – the principles, the physical and emotional attributes that guide brand discussion and the values that the destination has in common to support the overall brand.

  • Sanctuary – Spacious places of escape. Quaint hideaways. Resorts. Historic to modern.
  • Seductive – Entices the senses, your passions… for art, cuisine, nature, nightlife and more.
  • Sensory – Not just a place, but an experience which engages and affects all the senses.
  • Serenity – An oasis of calm for those seeking relaxation and escape from their daily routines.
  • Spectrum – A kaleidoscope of color. Sunrise to sunset. Explore. Discover. Learn. Appreciate.
  • Spirit – Enriches, rewards and connects by the power of the oasis and the warmth of the nurturing sunlight.
  • Sport – Golf mecca. A center for tennis. Amateur and professional sporting events. Hiking. Cycling. Outdoor adventure and more.
  • Style – All to our own: timeless, chic, unique… in architecture, art , fashion, lifestyle and more.
  • Sunny – The weather. The disposition. Your outlook. Our warming and welcoming sun shines on everything and everyone.

The new logo is designed to express a fresh, contemporary and sophisticated destination that represents the modern traveler. The use of the san-serif font provides a clean, open and modern elegance. The accent of “is” uses a fun and curvy style that supports the brand’s alluring oasis story, leading the audience to realize activity and personal enrichment. The new brand color (oasis blue) expresses both a sense of a “fresh and new” destination experience with notes of relaxation, vibrance and cheerfulness.

The symbol is designed to represent our network of nine cities, a continuous loop of cities and experiences, working together to form one defined brand mark. It is of this visual understanding that brought life to an icon in which is have coined as “modern infinity.” The dynamic mark for the modern Greater Palm Springs Oasis brand is drawn from elements all around us. Nine ripples from a cooling, quenching pool. Nine petals unfolding from a desert flower. Nine fronds from a towering native date palm. One mark, made greater by nine distinct loops. Nine unique journeys. Nine distinct destinations: our elegant network of locations, linked and intertwined, always returning the traveler to a balanced center. Each draws from the other leads to the next. At the center, our radiant sun brings together and illuminates our entire destination experience.

find your oasis.
Find your escape from the ho-hum and hum-drum.
Take a respite from responsibility.
A break from the boring, a detour around dull.
Exercise your spirit. Pursue your passions.
Give your life a good, deep stretch. And hold it.
Find your true self. Then spoil it.
Bring your family closer. Keep ordinary at a distance.
Find calm and comfort amidst the chaos of the commonplace.
Find adventure, sport, recreation, art, and shopping.
Yes, find your oasis.
Live your life renewed at the well of possibilities.
You deserve it. You need it.
And Greater Palm Springs is where to find it.

Greater Palm Springs is comprised of nine resort cities located
in Southern California. This distinct destination is defined as an “Oasis.”
And for those travelers that experience it, this “Oasis” becomes personal.
This creative expression is designed to communicate the promise
of a modern, jet setter Greater Palm Springs experience.
One that provides the modern, sophisticated traveler an escape
from the day-to-day and a place to play out their passions and desires.
“Find your oasis” in Greater Palm Springs is to find your very own
oasis for adventure, art, golf, recreation, relaxation,
self discovery and rejuvenation.

To break down the overall brand and the strategy, Mindset defined the following for the Greater Palm Springs Oasis:

Brand Position: A one of a kind destination in the California Desert that is geographicly lush, scenic and storied. An “oasis’ for travelers seeking modern experiences that affect the body, mind and spirit.

Brand Objective: Out-rightly own a new category and experience in destination travel.

Conceptual Target: Escape Travelers – People (primarily from Southern California, the Northwest, Mid-West and Canada ) who put thought into turning their vacation (or long weekend) into the richest possible experience they can get for their time and money.

Core Desire: Connection. Their vacation destination should feel more like a special place that takes them away from the everyday routine. They want to be in balance, relaxed and connected to their loved ones and themselves.

Role of the Brand: To modernize our perception and interlace our destination. Greater Palm Springs Oasis is a collection of experiences expressed in its nine resort cities, each unique with varied flavors, cultures and activities that make guests feel like they are discovering something new each visit.

Compelling Truth: The perfect escape, protected and nurtured by surrounding mountains and a natural spring oasis, this is a place less like everything is and more like everything is meant to be.

Selling Idea: Greater Palm Springs Oasis.. a brand new day…and a destination that is sanctuary from the rest of the world. Sensory along the journey. A style all to its own. And a renewed spirit that each visitor will takeaway. A place with a legendary history and a brand new story that each day will tell.