Arlington, Texas is the reflection of an American Dream City, a city that both embodies and reflects our national ethos. A city where it still holds true that life can be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.

The American Dream that was first expressed with the fundamental principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is today expressed more definitively with these principles:Ethnic diversity and acceptance; generational opportunity and prosperity; civic connectedness; higher, world-view education; meaningful, valued work; self-actualization and achievement, and, as always, the owning of ones own home.

This new American Dream is manifest in Arlington, Texas.

With its tapestry of cultures, Arlington mirrors the ethnic diversity that is our nation of immigrants, with University of Texas at Arlington ranked the 5th most diverse student population in the country, with students enrolled from 130 countries.

With an excelling K-12 system, numerous technical and community colleges, and three acclaimed universities, Arlington provides the pathways to a better life made possible through higher education.

With 50 Fortune 500 companies, including General Motors, Arlington offers meaningful, valued work opportunities and economic vitality for its residents.

With median home prices at $126,400, 33.9% less than the National average Compared to the rest of the country, Arlington makes possible the dream of home ownership.

Through a strong, entrepreneurial business community, Arlington encourages and rewards self-determination and achievement.

Through involvement with the Center for Innovation, Arlington supports innovation and next-generation business development.

As home to the Texas Rangers and Americas Pastime and to the Dallas Cowboys and Americas Team, Arlington spirits civic pride.

By honoring family and community, Arlington creates an environment of support, encouragement and engagement among its citizenry.

Comprised of all that is necessary for the pursuit of the new American Dream, Arlington makes possible the realization of that dream. And we are proud to lay claim to this ideal as a City that not only dreams, but achieves

Just as it has for each of it’s 138 years.

Arlington. The American Dream City.