Mindset brings concepts, creative and execution sourced from the heart and supported by 15+ years of proven Tourism / Hospitality experience. Our philosophy for doing great work is driven by specific goals, passions, interest and out of mutual respect with our partners. We specialize in smart, intelligent, authentic and emotional work, making it exciting and easier for people to decide where to go and what to buy. Through a proven One-to-One Stakeholder research methodology, we dig into as many perspectives, impressions, convictions, passions, stories and emotions to come up with the essence of a destination.

This practice defines: What does a destination provide? What does it uniquely define itself as? What it can do for the traveler and a guest? What’s in its DNA that separates itself from all other destinations? What are the “emotional souvenirs” that will profoundly touch your ideal traveler, for a day and for a lifetime? Can a destination marketing program profoundly impact the economy and business climate beyond tourism?

Mindset makes sense of it all through our process and the creation of a destination’s position, story, value propositions and its unique brand voice. Practically and emotionally. Just as we are conscious of the way travel affects people, we are also aware of the impact that destination products and experiences have on them. For example, hotels and destination attractions can be a significant driver for the new Visit Mesa brand. From years of practical, successful experience in marketing hotels, resorts, attractions, dining and entertainment venues, we understand the need to ensure that everything and everyone are aligned and well informed of all CVB brand efforts, tools, programs, promotions and solutions 24/7/365.

We love travel. We want others to share that love and the unexpected thrills that enrich and engage through countless discoveries. Travel boosts our endorphins, clears our head, and takes us to a place where we imagine all the possibilities one can experience, uniquely. Traveling expands our minds, opens our eyes and cleanses our souls. Besides all that, travel is a whole lot of fun.

Our dreams of travel are a mindset, like “Amazing what you can do”, when you are a destination like Phoenix. Or when your marketing goes “Deep. In the Heart” of a traveler’s mind, that suddenly finds their passion in San Antonio. Or, most recently, when you change the world’s view of Palm Springs, California, from an old Hollywood “desert” to a brand new day in a modern “oasis.”